A dåsebajer explodes as you open it. The beer stands out on all sides. Your companion notes:

‘Hey, it was a he, and teaches you that next time you should right the letter on the can first. Then spray the not.

But it helps to letter at can’s lid really against a spurting experience? It provides a new Danish study insight, writes New Scientist according to the Science.dk.

Theoretically, it will nudge on the tin well be able to have an effect.:

If a canned shake, will the bubbles of CO2 are formed on the inside of the beer’s surface. When the canister opens, and the pressure disappears, the rising bubbles to the surface, where it triggers a spray of precious beer. By the letter on the can, say proponents of the theory, to remove the bubbles from the can, which otherwise would rise to the surface before it is opened.

Previously a Danish nuclear physicist made a miniforsøg of Science.dk with 30 canned beer, and the conclusion was that prikkeriet not at all helped.

– So, it is very unscientific, when people in festive layers think, that it does not lather over, because the tabs on the canister, concluded Klaus Seiersen at the time about Science.dk.

But one is a smaller test results with 30 canned beer. If the attempt were made in a larger scale, there could be seen an effect?

It has a team of researchers from the University of Southern denmark now examined. They asked Carlsberg about the help, which donated 1,000 canned beer for the purpose, writes New Scientist according to the Science.dk.

Half of the cans were shaken for two minutes by a machine that simulated the shaking on a bike.

Then poked three times on the top of the half of all the cans, both the shaking and non-shaking. Dåseåbnerne did not, therefore, whether the can had been shaken or not.

All the cans were weighed before and after the opening. On the way, scientists could measure how much beer, who had disappeared after the opening.

on average, lost shook the cans around 3,45 grams of beer, while the non-shaken cans lost 0,51 grams of beer. But there was no significant difference on the beer, which was dotted three times, compared with those who did not.

So, let you just be with to the letter on the can the next time. It is better to just wait until the beer is quiet again.

The beer, which was used in the experiment, went, moreover, not to waste, but were divided out to the staff and students at the University of Southern denmark.

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