the EM-finals in handball has gone into its decisive phase, and Wednesday played the last matches of the mellemrunden.

For more of the mandskaberne are here to talk about the seventh showdown of twelve days, and the jam-packed program again this year, led to massive criticism from both players, coaches and experts.

This applies not only to the challenge of the lack of refund. It’s also about competition. For in the midst of decision time, the batteries are to be emptied in some troupes, while others have better conditions to let up.

Spain, for example, has distributed its seven matches in the tournament over 14 days and have almost had two days to recover, before they go on the field Wednesday against Croatia.

Different looks out on the Island, who continue to fight for a ranking in the top 8 and a glimmer of hope on the OLYMPICS-qualification. Their decisive battle will take place against Sweden, a good 26 hours after islændingens latest showdown was whistled in time.

the national Coach Gudmundur Gudmundsson is completely baffled by the scenario.

– I’m not happy with our seventh match will be played the day after our sixth battle. There comes not a day of rest, and it is unacceptable in håndboldens the world, to play two days in a row. It is not acceptable, says Iceland coach, Gudmundur Gudmundsson to TV2 Sport.

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Hungary and Iceland is among the nations that have pulled the fastener in relation to the kampprogrammet. Photo: Jens Dresling/POLFOTO

In the same boat as the Island sits in Hungary, though have taken even more water into his end. One of the tournament’s big surprises are on Wednesday with the possibility to qualify to the semifinals – just 18 hours after their last match was whistled by.

In the Danish Handball Federation (DHF) recognises that it is a complex format, where certain teams can have advantages in relation to kampkalenderen. It tells the team he will play Morten Henriksen says to Ekstra Bladet.

– It is not 100 percent fair, but it is very difficult to make it 100 percent fair. There has also been debate on the travel days for some countries, just as there have been discussions in relation to the home-nation, there are started a day earlier than the other with a opening game.

– It is difficult to make things completely right in the handball. We must remember why we are here. We are dependent on the audience and the tv, says Henriksen.

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Morten Henriksen (th.) believe that it is difficult to share the sun and the wind completely, just during the finals. Photo: Lars Poulsen

He points out that the issue with the many matches within a short time is a recurring theme. But there will also be work to improve the situation, and already at the next finals, is that a little more air to give, says Henriksen.

– It is not a new situation, and it has been even more special for the WORLD cup. Now, the international håndboldforbund decided that there should be a day of rest between each fight, and that we find interesting, he says.

– It is a complex situation, because until now, it has been a known number of days to comply with the finals on pursuant to the regulation. There is also a great deal of economy in it, if the tournament would be extended. But overall, we feel that it is hard having to play two matches in a row within two hours, says Henriksen.

EM ends on Sunday, where both the bronze and ten games need to be run. Norway, Croatia and Spain have booked a place in the semi-finals, while the last participant, available after Wednesday’s matches.

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