It is a genuine scandal, China’s ambassador in Denmark apparently has threatened the faroes the faroes in an attempt to get the country to provide the chinese telecommunications company Huawei a important contract in the Faroe islands.

so says Søren Espersen, who is udenrigsordfører for the Danish people’s Party.

– It is a genuine scandal, which is going to run in the whole world. It is the first time that we get a clear-cut proof that the chinese government and Huawei is one of fat.

– We’ve had some sensations, but now we have the smoking gun. Now it is proven once and for all – you should keep away from the company reads it.

George could Tuesday reveal that China’s ambassador in Denmark, Feng Tie, has put pressure on top officials in the government of the faroes. The aim should be to get them to choose Huawei as 5G supplier.

the Threat should have gone on, that China would drop a free trade agreement with the Faroe islands, if not the country selected Huawei.

– We are a free and independent people, no matter how small we are, and we should not fall on the stomach of a communist dictatorship.

– If the pandas in Copenhagen Zoo, red.) is a kind of mortgage that we should behave properly, so that it will rejoice the day they travel home, so we’ve got proof that Denmark once again become a free and independent nation.

– I will stand in the airport and waving to them, says Søren Espersen.