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Two men, aged 28 and a man of 49 on Wednesday, has been arrested in Denmark and Norway in a coordinated anholdelses and ransagningsaktion conducted by the Special Investigation into the West under the east Jutland Police and the Norwegian police special forces unit Kripos.

The three are accused of smuggling by a larger amount of cocaine from Denmark to Norway.

this was stated by The Special Investigation into the West and the Kripos in a press release.

the Action took place in the Sydøstjylland, in Horsens and Brædstrup area, which has been conducted seven searches. Two men, both 28, have been arrested here and will be manufactured in the grundlovsforhør at the Court in Horsens, denmark on Thursday morning. In Norway, a 49-year-old Danish man was arrested without drama during a similar action. He is produced in Norway with the purpose of imprisonment, informs Kripos.

Inspector by the Special Investigation West Brian Voss Olsen discloses to Ekstra Bladet, that there is talk about the smuggling of cocaine to Norway ‘in the kilo-class’, and that the investigation has been going on for a longer time.

– It is a proactive effort that has been made, that there has been seized a larger amount of cocaine. The effort is done in close cooperation between Danish and Norwegian police, says Brian Voss Olsen to Ekstra Bladet.

He does not want to disclose how the cocaine has been transported to Norway.

– It is something we know well, but who will come forward under a closed grundlovsforhør this morning. Out of consideration for the investigations we want, therefore, is not at present to tell you more about it, ” says Brian Voss Olsen to Ekstra Bladet.

He rejects that the case has anything to do with the 40 kilos of cocaine, there in the middle of december was found in a container at the port of Aarhus.

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Kripos informs in its press release that the case is part of Operation Hubris, which is a major police operation targeting organised criminal network, which has been going on since the spring of 2018. More than 50 persons is under the operation have been arrested. In Norway, the police have during the operation Hubris seized over four tonnes of hashish, 196 kilos of amphetamine, 71,5 kilos of cocaine, 45 kilos of MDMA and 25 kilograms of heroin.

Kripos told in a press release in december, that the Operation of Hubris in the initial phase in 2018, revealed a Danish indsmuglingsled, which delivered very large amounts of especially the hash to more criminal actors in Norway. Among other things, to the gang neighborhoods of north west in Oslo.

Brian Voss Olsen says to Ekstra Bladet, that there may be more arrests in the case. So far there is nothing to tell about a possible link to the rocker – gang neighborhoods of north west, informs he.