It is not only Tottenham, who makes money on the sale of Christian Eriksen to the Italian Inter.

It drips also down in the system and also hit the Danish club Middelfart, where Eriksen struck its folds, from the time he was three years and until switched to OB in 2005.

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It is the so-called uddannelsespenge from The European Football association, Uefa, which now comes 2. in denmark for good.

the Amount having to run up about 400,000 crowns, if the otherwise teams in the media’s estimate of a selling price of about 150 million, says chairman Claus Hansen.

– If it is 150 million kroner, which there is talk, it seems as if there are about 400,000 kroner to the us, according to Uefa rules, says Claus Hansen to the

– It has the big value for our small club, there’s going to some money. It means so very much.

the President suggests that Eriksen is a really good story for Middelfart – both the football club and the city as a whole.

– It is a megagod history for us and the city. It is not only us as a club, but the whole city is proud of him, says Claus Hansen.

IN the OB, you can look forward to even more money, because he has been a long time in Odense than in Middelfart, in the crucial period.

In total receive odenseanerne in the region of 1.5 million. crowns, because they are entitled to a percentage of the transfer fee.

– First of all we are happy on the Christian’s behalf. He is fynbo, comes from Burnley and has been in OB in his udenlandseventyr. Of course, we have followed him closely in all the years, and we have also always made a course available for him when he is at home in Odense. We get a small part of the so-called solidaritetspenge, and so we welcome on our samarbejdsklub Middelfart behalf of their share, says OB’s team he will play, Michael Hemmingsen, to Ekstra Bladet.

– of course, We have also got money out of Christian’s switch to first the Ajax, since the Tottenham and now Inter. But first and foremost we are happy and proud to have had so great a player at the club, and we wish him good luck with his new adventure in Italy and for the european championship on home soil this summer, he explains.

After months of speculation about eriksen’s future, published by the Inter Tuesday, the big trade that sends Eriksen from London to Milan.

Eriksen has signed a contract that runs until the summer of 2024.

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