You must of course, comply with the laws of the country.

But there is perhaps a special responsibility on your shoulders to take care of the law the long arm, even if you have put your autograph below the paragraphs.

And even though it is mostly only of ministers – and queen Margrethe – as can be trapped, what it is concerned, is Skatteministeriets permanent secretary, Jens Brøchner, now ended up in the peculiar situation that the very same law, he for quite a few weeks ago has signed, has been violated with pipes and drums on the Brøchners own sommerhusgrund.

the Danish policy – 22. jan. 2020 – pm. 07:23 Treasures-ceo admits: Breaking the law against undeclared work due to

the Extra Leaf could Tuesday this week reveal that the statutory sign for håndværksfirmaet, who stood behind the building on the departementschefens reason, was not to scrape up. Something, Brøchner complained and got a reprimand for his minister, Morten Bødskov.

And Jens Brøchner perhaps should have been extra aware of the builders ‘ obligation to put a sign up. It was himself, in the month of september in general, rasmussen, Morten Bødskovs behalf signed the vat act, where §78 on skiltekravet included.

It appears of legal information.

the Sign with the business name to an ’increased opdagelsesrisiko’ in relation to undeclared work, and is the sign not put up it can lead to a fine.

the Package led to a major campaign by the Tax against undeclared work in the autumn of 2012. First offences of skiltereglen can give a fine on 5000 dkk. to the contractor.

En Ekstra Bladet on Tuesday confronted Jens Brøchner with the missing sign, he acknowledged outright that it ought to be set up, but dried the responsibility of the company.

– the Package against undeclared work, with skiltekravet adopted in your time as permanent secretary. You have the knowledge that it should be there…

I completely agree that the sign should be there. It is the company’s responsibility. It is a mistake.

– It is probably also your responsibility to ensure that the company you hire, will live up to the rules you are to manage?

I completely agree. Again: I feel like I have tried to abide by the rules, there is, says the director.

the Extra Leaf has been trying to get Jens Brøchners comment to, that he himself has set the validating signature on the law, which contains precisely the section which was violated in connection with the construction on the grounds of our holiday homes.

But the director has no further comments on the matter.