MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): The Danish playmaker Rasmus Lauge, come to stand opposite his new ’compatriots’, when Denmark in the evening run into in Hungary in what has been a skæbnekamp for the Danish world champions.

Before this season switched Lauge German Flensburg-Handevitt out with the Hungarian team, Veszprem, which of course gives him a certain knowledge of tonight’s opponent. He can quickly ascertain, that Hungary is weakened, because the team’s normal playmaker, Mate Lekai, is out with an injury.

– It is a great loss for them. It would be for any team, he is a skilled player. He is one of topplaymakerne in the world. He has tied the Hungarian national team together for many years.

– It is a weakening, but otherwise has their very great force has been that they have made a very good defence for the last many years. With talented goalies inside the rear. It is an annoying opponent, for they are skillful and physically strong. We know what they can do to us, if we are not ready to fight, says Ross.

The Hungarian attacking is very much geared to create space for the big, strong and very scoringssikre stregspiller, Bence Banhidi.

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Bence Banhidi, in the red shirt, will be a big challenge for Denmark in tonight’s game. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe/Ritzau Scanpix.

It is a system that Rasmus Lauge know very well from Veszprem, where he is working under the Spanish coach Davis Davis.

– I have acquired new knowledge of how handball will be understood. I’ve got the Spanish system up under the nails. I have been challenged very much, but I’m trying to take it to the me, while at the same time I must develop my own game.

– the Game is very centered around large stregspillere, where the objective is to win the spaces. You should be able to draw an opponent to you, so you’re in the majority and can play the line free. On the Danish national team we are running much more duelspil, where it is man against man, and where we create the room.

– In has a tremendous track and a beautiful squad in Veszprem. You get the game you want to?

– Yes, it I think. But it is also different. Just 20 to 30 minutes after a match, I feel really fresh again. I don’t feel completely spent and have no need to lie me on the couch.

– perhaps due to I’ve got a workout a lot. The body has had it really good. In Germany it was just battle after battle after battle, but here I have been allowed to lift weights more than I have done in many years.

– It is one of the advantages of moving to Hungary. I sleep more often in my own bed, so we don’t have as many travel days as in Germany.

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Against the Island was Rasmus Lauge and Denmark in the knees. It must be like to be different in the evening. Photo: Lars Poulsen

– in Addition, we have a great home. You will find hardly better atmosphere in any other håndboldarena in Europe. It has always been for me one of the coolest places to play, and now I have home there. It is fun.

– The big games for us in the Champions League. The tournament is important for the club. The requirement is that we must win the Champions League, and it was also one of the reasons that I went down. I would damn like to lift the trophy. But it is a hard field in years.

– We are fine to get second place in our group. It is quite important, so we do not run into in Paris or Barcelona in a quarter-final. It applies to everything in the world about to hit the Final Four, for that anything can happen, says Rasmus Lauge.

another benefit of moving to Hungary is that he has got more time with his family, which besides the wife counts as two children.

– Our daughter, who is now a little over two years, is in the crèche, and are dropped very nicely into. It is a Hungarian nursery/kindergarten with various international initiatives. There is, for example, English sangtimer and English classes.

– All of the teachers speaks English, so we can get to know how her day has gone. It is great that we can communicate. But she also comes to learn Hungarian. It goes fast for those small souls. She gets hopefully a good linguist, says Rasmus Lauge.

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the Rasmus Lauge has benefited from the physical training in Hungary. Photo: Lars Poulsen