A very rich and successful erhvervsfamilie with director Brian Vangsted in the lead has sold selling the work of a LIP on the builders ‘ ware in a trade that one makes the family even richer.

Brian and his sisters, Helen and Winnie, already has a fortune of over 200 million. kr., and when the secret sale price is considered to be a very high amount of money, due to the fact that LIP for years have shoveled millions into that sell the particular tile adhesives, gulvspartelmasse and products to vådrumssikring.

With just a half a hundred employees and a lot of robots have the each year served in the vicinity of 30 million dollars and put about a quarter of a billion dollars.

Few had thought that the three Vangsted-siblings would sell before the buyer – French Arkema – the other day issued a press release on the deal.

In the last year, said the 57-year-old director Brian Vangsted namely, that the three siblings like yourself would drive and own the company for many years yet.

– Therefore it is not appropriate to sell our company right now, he said to Finance.

But since then, he has been diagnosed with the incurable disease Parkinson’s; a disease that affects the brain and leads to bl.a. tremor, rigid muscles, slow movements and a gradual worsening of the symptoms.

– I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the spring. Then we decided to sell, and the process has been ongoing since. I would like to be able to implement the deal and to get the LIP well into the new context, ” says Brian Vangsted to Fyns Stiftstidende.

– I have the disease, but it is only just at the beginning, and I go to work every day. It is also why we have agreed that it should happen now. I would like to be with in the whole. When we delegate to it, and I will be with for a while then, so we see that it all goes in the right way. I am pleased to be a part of the transition and fresh against it. Interim I continue, and after a year we look at how it’s gone, and then we take it away, he says to the newspaper.

the Buyer of the LIP is the global industrial group Bostik, there is a part of the conglomerate, Arkema, which has a turnover of $ 60 billion, and has 20,000 employees.

– I have a good gut feeling with our new owner. It is the right partner to take the company further, ” says Brian Vangsted to Finance.

Brian Vangsted staying in a private home in Gamborg on Funen, while Helene lives in Virum, north of Copenhagen, and Winnie Vangsted live in Solberg to the south of Aarhus. They are the children of the company’s previous founder and owner, the late Arne Vangsted.

How to see the funen plant out. Pr photo

Many will recognize the distinctive bags of tile adhesive. Pr photo

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