Stig Tøfting will in no way be alone, when he on Sunday embarks on the last 15 miles of its eventually quite famous hike from Jerusalem to the south of Aarhus to the MCH Arena outside Herning.

FC Midtjylland, who, together with Tøftings old friends from the AGF, playing the match, he has gone out on the moor to see, have sent reinforcement in the person of B. S. Christiansen.

The former member of the rangers is unique in scandinavia because the class has been asked to appear in the Ikon at 13 and mandsopdække Tøfting.

It tells the marketing manager of FC Midtjylland Preben Rokkjær to Ekstra Bladet.

– Yes, we have decided to send the strongest card out to ensure that the Stig arrives in proper condition, he says.

– We can’t play, if not kampbolden reach, he says grinning with reference to the Tøfting carries the ball that will be used on Sunday evening at the MCH Arena in his backpack.

Why does he go along with the B. S. that is the mental coach in the club, the 15 kilometers. And even though Tøfting now has completed 65 kilometers, then he can expect to get good advice along the way, if that should be necessary.

– He comes with a backpack and hiking boots and advice about everything from blisters to the fluid balance, says Rokkjær.

B. S. Christiansen and the team he will play for Svend Graversen caught, since FC Midtjylland secured the Danish championship with a 1-0 victory over AC Horsens in 2018. Photo: Claus Bonnerup

the Mention and hypen around Tøftings turn is come back of the most. Also FC Midtjylland.

They are however not in doubt that it is the main reason for that, at the time of writing – with a day to fight – has already sold more than 11,000 tickets!

– There are few tickets left. And we can see and hear, that it hangs together with Tøftings walk. We get comments on our own platforms, and all the talk about it here in the area. I could believe that it was due to AGF makes it good, and that we do it well. But…we are close to sold out. We have only tried it on for the big matches against FCK and Brøndby, says Preben Rokkjær.

– We get sold out. Otherwise, it must then go completely awry, he says.

The current record at the MCH Arena sounds on the 11.763 from a match against FCK in 2007. Since then, the number of seats reduced, so that today ‘only’ place to 11.432 spectators.

Stig Tøfting started his journey from Ikast to MCH Arena to the south of Herning, denmark, Sunday at 13 by Strøgcenter Ikon.

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