Deep in the Rold skov Forest south of Aalborg, was back in the 60s built a top secret bunker, to accommodate government and the regent in the event of war.

Now is the 5500 square meters large atomsikre bunker on the way to be transformed into a koldkrigsmuseum, which opens next year.

– We have been in the process of collecting money for the here ago 2012. Now we are at a milestone and to the design of a welcome center, says museum director Lars Christian Nørbach, the North jutland Historical Museum.

Thursday was the architectural firm AART Architects chosen to design welcome – and læringscenteret, to be built at the entrance to the bunker.

the total cost of The project amounts to 75 million kroner, and the first sod is expected to be taken this summer.

It was only in 2012 that the plant with the name Regan West (Regeringsanlæg Western denmark, red.) came to the attention of the public.

the Bunker was taken out of contingency plans and protected for posterity.

It was the beginning of the plan to transform the bunker with space for the queen, the government and the defence command to a koldkrigsmuseum.

– The unique feature is that the bunker is intact with 240 beds. In other countries have had similar installations, but they are gradually being dismantled.

– Here is the bunker, as it looked up through the 70’s and 80’s. It is a time warp, says museumsdirektøren.

the Bunker also accommodates a kitchen, storage room, medical clinic and machinery spaces.

Close Behind this house hidden man of the government bunker to 3. world war

the cold war museum, to be operated by Nordjyllands Historical Museum, expect to attract up to 40,000 visitors per year.

– It is slightly limited by the fact that we must take the people into teams with 10-12 people at a time, ” says Lars Christian Nørbach and estimate that a tour of the plant will take between five quarter and an hour and a half.

In the private learning center get to school – and high school students the opportunity to try out a dilemmaspil, which is based on authentic war scenarios from the 70’s and 80’s.

Although the cold war museum tells the story of a bygone time, where the threat of a nuclear war was imminent, so it has also something to say the younger generations today, think museumsdirektøren.

– the Bunker reflects the cold war, but also the whole thinking behind the Danish democracy.

the Bunker was to accommodate the government, the queen, national defense and representatives of the press. It says much about our system of government and democracy, also today, says Lars Christian Nørbach.

FACTS: the North bunker to house the government and the regent.

* Regan West (Regeringsanlægget Western denmark, red.) was built in secret in the years 1963 to 1968.

* It was built under the Rold skov Forest south of Aalborg and to house the government and the regent in the event of war.

* The 5500 square meters large bunker is built to withstand attacks with nuclear weapons.

* In 2012 the bunker was taken out of the contingency plans, and in 2014 it was preserved.

* the Page has a number of stakeholders in North jutland Historical Museum work to collect money for the establishment of a koldkrigsmuseum in and by bunkeranlægget.

* There must be built a 1000 square meters large welcome and learning center at the entrance to the bunker.

* the Conversion of the bunker and the establishment of udstillingsbygningen amount to overall, 75 million kroner.

* Different funds, among other things, Realdania, Aalborg and Rebild municipalities and the state to contribute to the financing.

* Rebild Municipality, and the state also contribute to the operation of the center, which come to employ 15 full-time equivalents.

* the cold war museum’s raining, with annual visitor numbers of up to 40,000 people.

* the Bunker and the welcome center is expected to open in the fall of 2021, while læringscenteret first expected to clear the year after.

Sources: Realdania, the North jutland Historical Museum.

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