the Number of persons who may be infected with a new Sars-like virus in China, is likely significantly higher than what is officially reported out. According to an article published Friday by researchers at the Center for Global Infectious Disease and Analysis in London.

While the chinese authorities have indicated that at least 41 people have been infected with the virus, enabling the researchers the figure of ‘well over 1000’.

It writes the AFP news agency.

Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

Photo: Ritzau Scanpix
Virus spreads
however, It is not only in China, that a dangerous virus is spreading. In the Czech republic is a dangerous variant of bird flu led to six hens on a farm has been infected with the virus H5N8, informs the authorities of the Czech republic.

– Six hens on a farm in the central Czech republic are infected with the virus H5N8, inform the official veterinary authority in the country.

It is the first case of the disease in the Czech republic for several years.

Since the beginning of January there has been found several cases of the virus in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

Tens of thousands of geese, turkeys and chickens have been slaughtered at the affected farms to prevent further spread of the virus.

three years ago led the virus to the killing of nearly 100,000 birds in the Czech republic.

It is highly infectious virus is found on a small poultry farm in the town of Stepanov nad Svratkou. The city is located 20 kilometers northeast of Brno, which is the country’s second largest city.

the Entire stock of chickens on the farm have been beaten to death.

the Virus is probably being spread by wild birds, and it can be dispersed over large distances by migratory birds.

There has been established a special protection zone in the central part of the Czech republic, after the virus has been found.