A football match in the Spanish 2. division between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete was on Sunday interrupted after the first half, because the supporters of Rayo Vallecano in a song called Albacete-player Roman Zozulja for ‘nazi’.

the Fight was stopped in the first half and then suspended after the first 45 minutes.

It came to pass, after that the Rayo supporters had shouted ‘puta nazi’ (damn nazi, red.) down against Zozulja, in 2017 switched to Rayo Vallecano on a loan agreement.

Both clubs, the match referee and the Spanish divisionsforening was agreed that the match should not be played to completion.

– A decision taken solely to protect the values of the sport we love, writes Albacete in a statement.

Rayo Vallecano explains in a tweet that the match was suspended due to ‘repeated insulting interjection’ in the first half.

Ukraineren Zozulja was in 2017 on loan from Real Betis to Rayo Vallecano, but he never played a game for the club.

His stay was shortened due to protests from the team’s supporters, which is known to support the political left.

The Ukrainian striker rejected in an open letter to Rayos fans accusations that he should have a connection to neo-nazi groupings.

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Anyway met a group of followers, up for his first workout with a banner, which said, that ‘Vallecas is not a place for nazis’.

Vallecas is the name of the part of the capital city of Madrid where Rayo Vallecano are coming from.

There was no goals in the first half of Sunday’s match, although Albacete were reduced to ten players after the expulsion of midfielder Eddy Silvestre.

A date for a new battle has not yet been set.

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