Bjarne Riis’ comeback as teammanager at cycling’s top shelf has secured past unrestrained dopingpraksis in the professional field of attention, and by chance it coincides with, that yet another book about the widespread deception in the 1990s is published.

The case of the belgian, Rudy Pevenages autobiography, ‘There ‘ Rudy’. He was sports director of Team Telekom, as the team was the greatest team and for two consecutive years won the Tour de France with the first Bjarne Riis and since Jan Ullrich.

in Particular, Ullrich was Pevenage linked to, and it was a partnership that achieved success with the help of drugs hidden in double-walled coladåser, blood bags hidden in milk cartons and intermediaries on a mountain bike carrying blood bags between the hotels in the big stage races.

One who does not intend to read the book, is Bjarne Riis. The he stated on Thursday to journalists in Australia during the Tour Down Under.

– I will not are confronted with the part of my past. It is the dark side of my life, and it hurts, said Riis to the group of journalists from, among others, Velonews and Cyclingnews.

– We will never reach there again. I don’t need to read everything published about the period of time, to be reminded of it, for I have been there, and I must move on in my life.

– My past has damaged me so much, and I must protect myself and my family, said Riis.

– I have changed me. I know, although I also know that some people will say that I will never change me.

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