Viewers to be able to dumb to see when Michael Sommer and Christina Arenholdt Nielsen participated in the ‘Married at first sight’ and delivered one of the most insane rides at, has been seen in the Danish underholdningsfjernsyn.

at First they were smaskforelskede and called each other ‘tax’ and ‘taxes’ in one away. ‘I love you’ was said already on the subsequent honeymoon, but shortly after occurred the downturn.

‘Tax’ was replaced by bickering. The marriage did not last, but before they went each to his, was Christina pregnant and had to get an abortion.

Love was not between Christina and Michael, but now the latter can reveal that he has found himself a new. Photo: DR

The turbulent experience has not, however, taken courage from the kærlighedssøgende 28-year-old man, who can now reveal to Ekstra Bladet that he has found himself a girlfriend.

– I’ve found love. She is 25 years, we have known each other in five weeks time, and I could just feel that it was there. We are lovers, says Michael Sommer.

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He does not want to go into too much detail about the new flame, but says that he will show her to the public at the Reality Awards 10. January. He will not reveal how they met each other, but little will he, however, like to give.

– I thought that was gone some time ago, ‘Married at first sight’, so now the jumps I just out in it, he tells.

– Is the one you know from tv, or is it a totally unknown?

– and I will not reveal. It is still a secret.

– What is it that makes that she is so special?

– It was just there. When I saw her, I thought ‘wow’, it’s just my type, and so we have been much together since. I feel the just. It is her, I’m missing, he says with clear delight in his voice.

Danish well-known – 22. oct. 2019 – at. 17:47 Christina and Michael divorced: the Pregnancy is aborted

As mentioned, did his time in ‘Married at first sight’, to put it mildly turbulent, and although some time has passed since the programme was recorded in the 2019’s first half, he admits that he had some concerns about giving themselves fully to another kærlighedseventyr.

I had, I wasn’t sure if I felt ready, and I had it also the case that I have not quite got over ‘Married at first sight’. To Reality Awards we are nominated, and I have also previously told that I have been to the casting on the tv, so I was ready for it? But I stepped out in it, and so it has just been supremely fat, says Michael Sommer and adds.

– I can’t wait to show her forward.

Michael Summer is nominated in several categories for the 2020 edition of the Reality Awards. Together with Christina, he is nominated in the category ” best moment of their parachutist-date, while he himself is nominated in the category best newcomer. In addition, ‘Married at first sight’ nominated in the category ” best karakterdrevne program.