It may well be that the Swedish climate activist and teen Greta Thunberg in a snapshot sat on the floor in it, as she herself described as a crowded German intercity express on its way from the summit in Madrid and an event in Turin on toward the christmas holidays in his home country, Sweden.

But quite as bad the journey has probably not been for the girl, who, because of his fight for the climate consistently refuses to fly.

In any case, the German response to DSB – Deutsche Bahn responded by in ironic terms, is to make the girl aware that she is not telling the whole truth about his trip through the German.

In a new tweet, writes Deutsche Bahn namely, that Thunberg should have told a different story than the one that she leaves her Twitter followers with.

‘It would have been even more glorious if you had also reported, where the friendly and competent you were treated by our team from your seat in first class’, writes Deutsche Bahn on Twitter.

Greta Thunberg had initially told that there were great problems in Germany.

‘Travels on crowded trains through Germany on my way home’, it sounded from Thunberg, while you saw her sitting on the floor next to his suitcases.

Thunbergs tweet got the Deutsche Bahn to complain.

It led to a debate among especially German Twitter users took the opportunity to criticize the Deutsche Bahn for the poor service.

Deutsche Bahn reached to respond by sending a friendly greeting to Thunberg. In his first tweet deplored the Deutsche Bahn, that Thunberg had to sit on the floor and that the rail company is constantly working to provide better conditions for passengers.

‘We wish Greta a good trip home. And is working hard to provide more trains, connections and seating.’

But a few hours later selected Deutsche Bahn that is, to send a new tweet out. Probably after that the company had studied the course and spoken with the staff on board.

Deutsche Bahn reaction has been Thunberg to send a new tweet out.

‘Our train to Basel was cancelled. So we sat on the floor on two different trains. After Göttingen, I got a seat. It is no problem, and I have never said that. Crowded trains are a good sign, for it means that demand for rail travel is great’, she writes.

Greta Thunberg have for some days ago announced that she needs a vacation after several months of struggle for the climate. Thunberg refuses to travel by plane because of its large emissions of CO2.

Therefore arrived she to the northern Italian city by train and car from Madrid, where she had participated in the UN climate talks. Her opposition to set themselves up in a plane meant, that she, in august had to find another way to get to New York to attend a united nations meeting.

She crossed the Atlantic on board a udledningsfri sailboat. Then she participated in several months of klimaprotester and demonstrations.

It is only good a year ago, Greta Thunberg began his skolestrejke for the climate.

She was away from teaching every Friday and marched in place in front of the Riksdag in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm.

Pupils and students in many countries have since been inspired by Thunberg.

And earlier this week she was named the Person of 2019 by the american news magazine Time.