After a long period of pressure from the other parties are the Social democrats and the Left now ready to change the folketingspolitikernes advantageous pension scheme. It just requires the money from the pension scheme will be moved over to the politicians ‘ pay.

It would result in a salary increase of 41 percent to the Parliamentary members. It shows the new figures, which the DR has gained access to.

the Calculations are made by the Employee and Kompetencestyrelsen and are ordered by The group chairman, Flemming Møller Mortensen.

They show that if the pension scheme is moved over to the salary, will folketingspolitikernes basic salary increase by 281.000 from 678.000 dollars to 959.000 crowns plus 17 percent in employer-paid pension – amounting to a wage increase of 41 percent.

the Need to maintain a high hire to the politicians wonder why the two biggest opponents of the plan, DF and Enhedslisten.

– I think it is deep night, that will must have so large a salary increase.

– We are of the opinion that the politicians must have the same type of plan as a privatansat officer. It should not trigger a violent wage increase, because we normalise the scheme, says chairman of the Danish people’s Party Peter Skaarup to Ekstra Bladet.

Folketingspolitikernes plan makes it possible for members to save a lifetime of retirement savings for a HK’is up in just nine years. A all of the advantageous arrangement according to the group chairman.

– I do not understand, that you will not let the terms of politicians is deteriorating. There are some of the schemes, there is very luxurious, and some of them are completely out of touch with the normal labour market. It can’t be defended, so why not just abolish it? says Peter Skaarup.

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He backed up of the Unity demokratiordfører, Rosa Lund. She commends the tax-free allowance is on the way out, but an increase of 41 percent is too much.

– I really have a hard time seeing it for me. It is sensible that you remove it here tax free allowances, but when we must sit and negotiate it here, we must consider whether we really need to give ourselves a salary increase, when there go so many danes around and work hard, said Rosa Grove for Extra Magazine.

the Device list will have a fair solution without a 41 per cent increase in wages. Photo: Jens Dresling

There are a number of costs to be folketingspolitkere, which according to Rosa Lund must be taken into account. She wonders, however, about the parties ‘ stubbornness.

– It is little wonder that they insist on keeping the money within the frame. We need to find a more fair solution to recoup our costs, ” says Rosa Lund.

the Vice-president of the Liberal party folketingsgruppe Karsten Lauritzen defended that politicians should have a high. It is not easy to be a politician.

– You could call us greedy, if we should have more in wages. But alternate some pensionsvilkår and an outdated tax-free addition to more in base salary, as Vederlagskommissionens recommend, I do not think is greedy. I stand by, it is a high salary, but it is also not a easy job to be an elected, says Karsten Lauritzen to DR.