Santa claus has without a doubt busy in these days, where christmas eve is approaching with rapid steps.

So busy, apparently, that he has lost an envelope with 1200 crowns in the middle of the street in Aalborg.

Fortunately, an honest person who found the envelope, deposited it on the Aalborg police Headquarters, and the police are now doing everything they can to make sure the good christmas spirit at both the sender and the receiver.

The Police have put a picture of pengegaven up on their Twitter profile. It shows the envelope, which, with capital letters indicating the name of the recipient, and that it is from ‘santa claus’.

But in the picture is the name of the veil, and the police, writes in a new posting, to the right owner to make requirements on the envelope must be able to provide the hidden name and also tell approximately where the envelope must have been lost.

do you Know the owner of the pengekuverten, you can contact the Aalborg police Headquarters, inform The Police.