Why is there a lamppost in the middle of a sidewalk?

Several citizens of Kalundborg has done lokalmediet TV-Kalundborg aware that a lamppost has been placed in the middle of a sidewalk, having just been renovated.

Fadæsen due to a mistake from a company that sold 3D technology for the municipality, says the Charlotte Jørgensen, who is the team leader in the Road and Park in Kalundborg Municipality.

– We have tested a new form of laser-scanning measurement in 3D, as a company would like to sell to us. It has not really been what we had expected, the could. It is simply not accurate, as they promised, she says to TV2 EAST.

For TV2 EAST, says the team leader, that the lamppost will be moved.

Why no one has discovered the error before it became obvious to everyone that there was something wrong with lygtepælens location, report the story, not something about.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from Charlotte Jørgensen, but she is not returned on our request.