Team building can be done in many different ways.

Several Manchester City players selected after last weekend’s 6-1 massacre over Aston Villa to celebrate the victory with 22 Italian Instagram-models.

It was with manager Pep Guardiolas permission, players could have a pleasant evening together. It writes the british media the Daily Mail. About the spaniard, however, knew that several models were invited to report the story nothing about.

According to the media, it was people close to the club who organised it all.

The 22 models were staying at The mere Golf Resort & Spa in Knutsford, which is located southeast of Manchester.

One of the models was Amira Paula, as seen in the image here:

another Italian model, who had been flown in to England, was Marta Tejada. She put a video up on its closed Instagram account, where she popped a bottle of champagne in bed, according to the Daily Mail.

seen Here, she is a picture back from October:

Also the model Chiara Battola posted the pictures from the visit at its closed Instagram account, where she laid them up as a story. Among other things, one where she is in a pool and relax.

the Daily Mail writes not, which and how many Manchester City players who took part in the feast.

At the beginning of this week was the players two days off of Guardiola. Here selected several to take a few days to abroad.

Manchester City has come excellent from the country in 2020. Four wins in four matches with a goalscore on the overall 15-4 in the Premier League and the two cup competitions. However, they still have 14 points up for Liverpool, who have a match in hand.

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