the Actress Mathilde Norholt went into the 2020 as a single, after the actress 30. december announced on Instagram that it was over between her and her boyfriend for several years, Kristian Errebo Krantz.

‘Kristian and I have decided to go their separate ways. We remain friends and family, but are not lovers any more. It has been the toughest decision, but for the best. It has been a long time coming, and only now are we ready to share it. Love is eternal, but ever changing’, she wrote on the social media.

Since the 36-year-old Mathilde Norholt not spoken about the breakup, but now she puts a little more words on it all over for Extra Magazine. She does, at the press conference on the new round of ‘Dirty Dancing’.

– I have it good, ” she says, and continues:

РWe are gone from each other, but things are good, says the actress and affirms that the ekskæresterne have come out well on the other hand, after the break.

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Mathilde Norholt and Kristian Errebo Krantz have together a daughter Polly in the two and a half years.

– She has it good. She is a tough little one. So, it is great, smiles Mathilde Norholt.

She says that they have found a good solution about the daughter, but the actress does not wish not to go into details about it.

– I think it’s a little too personal, ” she says, and continues:

– But, as I also writes on Instagram, so we are good friends, and there isn’t anything. There is still plenty of love, but we must just not be lovers, she rolls fast.

The 36-year-old actress is looking forward to once again take the role as Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman. Photo: Linda Johansen

Danish well-known – 22. jan. 2020 – pm. 11:13 Mom says stop: – Now, it is enough:

until september, Mathilde Norholt again ready on the boards, when she occupies the role as Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman in ‘Dirty Dancing’.

The role of she had also, when the musical first came to Denmark in 2015, and she welcomes in the degree to be a part of the popular universe again.

– There is something geek out-love for this film and performance, which is quite touching. I think one gets to experience the same, if one plays one or another of the Marvel superhero. There’s this total devotion about the material, and you can feel that people are being touched and think it is wonderful.

– It is fun. Silas (Holst, who plays the other leading role, red.) and I have talked about, that it is a little like playing tennis with the audience. They know it as well, so it will be fun and touching to give people the gift again, ” says Mathilde Norholt.

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Eleanor Bergstein, who are behind the ‘Dirty Dancing’, was also present at the press conference, and she also comes to be with in the first weeks of samples when the go in time for summer.

– I think it will be a gift. She says that she has the background to all the characters – even the really small – and I think it is touching. It is again the freaks who come in, and the more we can geek out, the better an idea we can give the audience. I am looking forward to, says Mathilde Norholt.

Karina Frimodt, Mathilde Norholt and Silas Holst, together with the ‘Dirty Dancing’-the creator, Eleanor Bergstein, which should help them during the tests. Photo: Linda Johansen

It is not only the ‘Dirty Dancing’, as the actor looks forward to in 2020.

– I can’t unveil anything yet, but it looks good. There’s going to be good things, but I can’t say anything about it, says it secretively from her.

‘Dirty Dancing’ will premiere in the Scandic Falconer the 10. september 2020.

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