As the Danish Sexus, the world’s largest sexundersøgelse with 60,000 participants, was released recently, confirmed a fundamental difference between men and women, as numerous other studies also have pointed to:

Men have generally higher sex drive than women. They masturbate more, watch more porn, they are thinking more often of sex, indicating a greater desire for more frequent sex and it is applicable in all age groups.

It was, of course, some of the women to protest. The difference must be due to that men are just bad lovers, so women have less orgasms and thus less desire for sex.

But yet a new study confirms what Sexus-study as significantly pointing to. This time with a starting point in older men and women sexlyster, which is quite different.

Kiss & love – 31. christmas. 2019 – at. 21:00 Here are the reasons why many mature women have less sex.

Two evolutionspsykologer took hold of the 186 elderly residents in a retirement village in south Florida, where many u.s. seniors pull back. The participants were aged 47-86. Median age: 67.

The mature participants cited everything from how many sex partners they have had and would like to, how often they fantasize about sex.

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Here are the results:

Older men go more up in the partner’s appearance and less in the emotional and economic stability. Older men have a greater desire for multiple sex partners, e.g. specify several men that they have had over 1000 imaginary sex partners through life. Older men have had more informal sex life. Older men have been the more unfaithful through life. Older men require less time before they give consent to sex, both with a strange woman, and with the partner. Older man fantasize more often about sex. Older men are more often horny. Older men fantasize more often about the strange women and more emphasis on the appearance of the pictured women’s faces and genitals.

the Researchers acknowledge that the group is relatively small, and that participants can over – and underreport, because of gender stereotypes, which can be more significant among the elderly. In addition, some of the participants have age-related memory problems.

nevertheless, do you think that older men in general are more interested in sex than women. Older men are mature pigs.

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More men than women will say ‘yes’ to sex, if a colleague offers it. It is evidenced by a study in Evolutionary Psychological Science, where 1516 men and women participating.

Especially are men excited about sexforslaget, if the woman is physically attractive.

Furthermore, as pointed out, the study also, however, that, regardless of sex, being sexual antastninger considered as minor negative, if the person that comes with them, looks good.

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