at Least 24 people have so far lost their lives in the extensive forest fires, which is just now raging in several places in Australia. According to the latest assessment from the WWF is 1.25 billion animals died since the brandsæsonen started in the autumn of 2019. The 8.4 million hectares of land is, according to the WWF destroyed.

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But now there is new hope for the many firefighters who are tirelessly struggling to get to grips with the flames and save the homes and the animals, which are still not been affected.

the Bureau of Meteorology is Australia’s response to the DMI, the promises now rain in large parts of the australian state of New South Wales.

It writes among other 9news.

The state-owned metorolog-the department has published a map showing the chances for rain over the next seven days. The card has since been re-tweetet of the state fire and redningsservice NSW Rural Fire Service, who writes:

‘If this rain weather will come true, so it will be our christmas, birthday, engagement, bryllupsdags-, wedding and dimissionsgaver in one. We are keeping our fingers crossed’.

According to the views of the northern coast of New South Wales the rain is already Monday. Tuesday follows up with heavy rains and thunderstorms in most of New South Wales, according to the weather forecast. Here it is expected that there will fall up to 25 millimetres of rain in parts of the southern coast.

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In Sydney expected to be the strongest rains in several months on Thursday, where the Bureau of Meteorology can get 2-8 millimetres of rain Thursday and 5 to 10 millimetres Friday.

Weather institute warns, however, that the can be so powerful that they can result in landslides in several places.

– We look forward to a few days in a row with rain and thunder. Some of them can produce a significant accumulation over the days in question. It is very much needed, but there are some extra risks associated with it, as the landscape is very vulnerable due to brandskaderne. We have lost a part of vegetation, and there is a risk of landslides, says Gabrielle Woodhouse, who is a meteorologist at Bureau and Meteorology, to the Daily Mail Australia.

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