north Korea has carried out a “very important” test at the Sohae facility.

This was stated by North korea’s official state news agency, KCNA, on the night of Sunday, Danish time, writes Reuters.

The deepened not, what has been tested. But the plant has previously been used for the launching of north Korean satellites.

the KCNA reports that the test results will be used to upgrade the country’s strategic status.

There has been no immediate comments from the south Korean military, which usually emit a notice if there is a prøveaffyring of a missile in north Korea.

Reports whether the test comes shortly after North korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has announced that it will try “a new path” for the next year.

It has aroused new concern that north Korea will resume the prøveaffyringer of nuclear missiles and long-range missiles, which have been suspended since 2017.

Meanwhile, let the negotiations with the US on nuclear disarmament to be at a standstill.

thus, There is no longer any need for long negotiations, told north Korea on Saturday.

Tensions increased ahead of a deadline that north Korea has put at the end of 2019.

Here want north Korea that the UNITED states stops insisting on a nuclear disarmament only from the north Korean side. At the same time, the country, that the UNITED states eases economic sanctions.

the Sohae facility has been the centre of international attention.

In June 2018, announced the president of the UNITED states, Donald Trump, after his first summit with north Korea that Kim Jong-un had given a commitment to settle one of the country’s missilinstallationer.

It was later by the american authorities established that there was an installation at the Sohae facility.

Thursday showed images from commercial satellites renewed activities at the plant and a large shippingcontainer. Here pointed out to analysts that a test could be imminent, wrote CNN.