Rappers Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma got involved in a feud Saturday after the latter released a diss track, titled “Shether,” slamming Meek Mill’s ex-girlfriend. The diss track is believed to be in response to Minaj’s latest track with Gucci Mane, “Make Love,” which some speculate dissed Remy Ma while others say it was aimed at Azealia Banks.

“You see silly rabbit, to be the queen of rap/you got to sell records, you got to get plaques/‘s’ plural, like the ‘S’ on my chest,” Minaj, 34, rapped in her new song. The rapper went on to mention that the person is dumb, “you got a ‘F’ on ya test.”

In response, Remy Ma said in her song: “You stole that line about b—— being your sons/ How you take my ’09 jail tweet and run Talkin’ ‘bout bringing knives to a fight with guns/ When the only shot you ever took was in your buns.”

Remy, whose album cover also hinted at a link to Minaj, mentioned the “Anaconda” singer’s ex-boyfriend in the diss track: “I saw Meek at All-Star; he told me your a– drop/He couldn’t f— you for three months because your a– dropped/NowI don’t think you understand how bad her a– got/The implants that you had put in her a– popped.”

The drama continued as Trey Songz also got involved in the heated feud when Remy Ma alleged that Minaj hooked up with the “Slow Motion” singer.

Minaj wasn’t too happy with Songz’s reaction to Remy Ma’s diss track. In a now-deleted tweet, Minaj expressed her disappointment, writing: “Lol. Wut u SHOULD b saying is that it’s not true, seeing as it’s not. Real n—– do real things. I done gotchu 6 million plaques.” Songz later replied that he had responded on Instagram.

Below are some Twitter reactions to Remy Ma dissing Minaj in the seven-minute rap song.

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