The black-and-yellow from the Ruhr Friday night on a visit down at Hoffenheim, and they are not just on the let side, what målscoringer regards. Two of their last three home matches featured six goals against Augsburg and Mainz, and let us just dwell for a moment at Mainz.

They won 5-1 in their away match against Hoffenheim. Dortmund won 4-0 in their away match against Mainz in the last week. If football was easy to put up, it should, of course, mean a kæmpesejr to Dortmund tonight in Hoffenheim.

Dortmund have certainly not had problems with that score. Photo: LEON KUEGELER/Ritzau Scanpix
Football is just not so easy, but goal reckon I now we get. Dortmund’s last 11 games and had at least three goals. Hoffenheim have this season closed three goals against Freiburg, Gladbach, the aforementioned Mainz and Augsburg.

Dortmund is at any time able to even to provide for three objectives, when they are in the mood, so if now Hoffenheim could find to play with, it becomes really entertaining. I think also, it is tempting to go after a part boxes after the break.

As Hoffenheim lost 5-1 to Mainz, it was 1-0 at half time. In the 2-4 defeat to Augsburg was the post 1-1 at the break. In their last three matches were scored at least two goals after the break. In Dortmund’s last three league matches was who scored three, four and four goals after the break. the


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