Researchers in Mexico have discovered a new species of poisonous spider.

the Poison of the spider is so potent, that it can get the meat to rot in humans with a single bite.

Lesions of dead meat in humans can be up to 40 centimeters. However, the species is not lethal.

the Loxosceles tenochtitlan is in itself not a new species, but scientists have found the indoor is new, and it doesn’t make the nature to a new discovery.

the Spider has been observed in furniture, household and clothing in central Mexico.

The researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico who made the discovery.

Analysis of the species shows that it belongs in the Mexico Valley.

It was in the beginning confused with another branch of the species that live in the Mexican state of Guerro, but after being studied at a microbiological level, researchers realized that the two species were quite different.

Professor Valdez-Mondragon, who was part of the team that discovered the species, and he warns against the spider as it attacks the people with the sinister bite if it feels threatened.

The Danish curator at the Natural history Museum Aarhus, Morten D. D. Hansen, explains to Ekstra Bladet, that there really probably is a new species, because it lives indoors, but that the damage that the spider causes is well known in many species.

– The typical damage you get from the edderkoppebid, is nekroser. You get the wounds, rots, and it is true that it can take several months before they go away again.

What makes this particular kind more dangerous is, according to Morten Hansen, the just live within.

– Indendørsarter gives greater danger, is how it is.

He tells that there are also spiders in Denmark, who can provide wound in the same way.

– It can be a vandedderkop, but it is incredibly rare for a man to be attacked by the.

according to the expert the possibility that the new species found in Mexico can come to Denmark, but we must not be nervous.

– If they come, it is through some products that are being exported to the us, but they will only be able to survive quite a few days, because our climate is as it is. Even our climate is much different than it is in Mexico.