Ishøj Municipality regrets the case of borgmesterkørsel in tjenestebil.

The typing of the municipality in a press release.

the Municipality has sent the case to the Ankestyrelsen to get clarity about the rules.

the Announcement comes after Ekstra Bladet Thursday, you could tell that mayor Ole Bjørstorp (S) regularly park a tjenestebil on villavejen at his home or in his own driveway.

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he does, even if the car according to the rules must keep at the workplace. The municipality considers, however, that the rules are open to interpretations. And therefore, the matter is sent to the Ankestyrelsen.

the Municipality regrets the matter and write to the use of official cars in the Ekstra Bladet mentioned the way ceases, while Ankestyrelsen looking at the case.

the Rules must be complied with, says Kåre Svarre Jakobsen, who is kommunaldirektør in Ishøj Municipality.

– One of the challenges of this case is, however, that the current rules seem to be open to interpretations – for example, whether the car must keep parked at a private residence, if you are going to a work meeting early the next morning, he says in the press release.

When the Extra Blade confronts Ole Bjørstorp, he insists that he is acting in accordance with the rules.

– I have the scheme, when I need some other things, so you can take it home in the evening and run the next morning, he says.

– How have you got the system in working order?

– It is something you agreements with them (tax administration, ed.). Simply. This is how I have it just. If there is to be made on the system, then it is of course made on. I have not heard, it must, says Ole Bjørstorp.

however, There are clear guidelines from the ministry of the Economy and the ministry of the Interior, which is contrary to.

Mayors must only be run between home and work in tjenestebil, if a driver runs the car, stated the ministry, as the Extra Magazine in december revealed that Rødovres soon as the former mayor, Erik Nielsen, has been furnished, a car park with ladestande just above his home.

‘It is the ministry’s view that the drive to and from your own residence, when it takes place in the car without the driver, will not normally qualify as a professional driving.’

‘It is due to the mayor, when this even leads the car, for the most part will not be available for its work and its employees while driving, and that the car therefore in these cases not can act as a kind of rolling office,’ wrote the ministry.

Ankestyrelsen is currently also underway to pass judgement on Erik Nielsen’s creative use of the tjenestebilen. But his successor in Rødovre, Britt Jensen, has already made it clear that she will not roll forward in the hybrid-Mercedes’one.

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