Heather Delight was completely shocked when she Tuesday, brought his son from the crèche.

When she had to switch small Milo’s diaper, she discovered that the nursery had written on his son’s stomach with a permanent magic marker.

It was the single mother of two to go away at the keys on Facebook, where the ad has already been shared over 29.000 times.

Here is raging she over, that the nursery has taken such drastic measures in order to convey a message.

‘Every day, when I was downloading Fine, and Milo from the nursery, there will be a message in Milos lunchbox about how it has gone, and if there is something missing to the living room. I am a single mother with a full time job and two small children. Sagsøg me, but I read not the pieces of paper each and every day’, she writes, and continues:

‘I guess, to the yesterday, to a lack of diapers for him, and I saw it not. But! I have so many educators, both when I delivered him, and when I picked him up again. If I, unfortunately, had forgotten to see the bill, one might well have said: ‘Hey, he’s missing the diapers’. It would have been so simple. But it did not. Instead I saw, when I changed his diaper, that was written on my son with a marker’.

On the child’s stomach had an educator has written: ‘Mother, I have no more diapers, please read my note’.

Heather tried several times to scrub the color from the marker, but it was sitting on the little boy.

‘I had plans to take both children with me on the beach, but I can’t, because it says it here on him. Why you need to write so long a message on my son, understand I simply can not. They could have written it on the diaper. Or they could have told me this’, it sounds.

According to the NBC-department in Florida is the educator, who wrote on Milo, has been fired.

It happens, because it is not the first time that the institution has been written on a child in order to capture the parents ‘ påmærksomhed.