For two and a half years ago, 11. June 2017, disappeared a 13-year-old German boy without a trace.

Now he’s been found at the home of a 44-year-old man who is suspected by the police for having violated the law on child pornography.

It writes among other German RTL and Bild.

the Boy was found, when the police in the German city of Recklinghausen searched the 44-year-old suspect man’s home. Inside a closet in the home sat the now 15-year-old boy.

There is currently no, according to the police indicate that the boy has been trapped in the man’s house against his will.

– There is some evidence pointing to the fact that he has been volunteering for a long time, says the police spokesman, Andreas Wilming-Weber, to RTL.

in addition, It is still unclear whether the boy has been abused in the 44-year-olds home, and how he has come there in the first place. Before his disappearance in 2017, he lived at a residence in a city nearby. It was social workers who reported him missing back in June of 2017.

Besides the boy and the 44-year-old police found the suspect’s 77-year-old father during the scanning process. Both men were arrested, but the father was subsequently released.

German RTL has spoken with the boy’s mother, Manuela Boch. She tells, that she ever since his son disappeared feared the worst.

– I am very grateful for the police. For a long time I have believed that my boy was dead. But the ushers had deserted me not.

During the search of the 44-year-old man’s home seized the police several computers and other electronic equipment.