the Social – and the ministry of the Interior takes action against firm’ collection of vælgererklæringer after reasonable suspicion of noncompliance, informs the ministry.

Thus, the ministry for the first time a new law is in use, which was adopted shortly after the elections. It has for purpose to stop circumvention of the rules around the collection of vælgererklæringer.

– In the recent election, however, several parties, obviously the rules on vælgererklæringer, but it was not possible to intervene.

– We have worked diligently to close the loopholes in the system, and now we use so for the first time, the new tools, which the entire Parliament is behind, they write the social and the interior, Astrid Krag (S) in a press release.

According to the law should Valgnævnet decide on the firm’ collection of vælgererklæringer must be put on pause, while Valgnævnet looking at the case. The ministry has set to Valgnævnet that they do just that.

the Social – and the ministry of the Interior believe that the Stam Course breaks the rules in two ways.

The first is that the firm has used email addresses are collected, to be set up for the general Election in 2019 to seek arrangement for the elections to the European Parliament in 2024.

But the voters, who have given their email address, has only given the authority to support an establishment for the general election.

The second is that the firm has written a number of addresses in the electoral system several times. In fact, more than 9000 of the 40,000 email addresses, the parties have written into, written into more than once.

– More than 700 of them are written in at least five times. A single 56 times for both general election and european elections, writes the ministry.

It makes it possible for the party to break the rule that a sign should have seven-day cooling-off period, because the link to the submission of vælgererklæringer can send it to others.

– We must take our democracy and the rules of the game of choice very seriously. We can not have, that the parties take a short cut to the ballot.

– I now look forward to Valgnævnets work and decision, so the case can be fully investigated and assessed in relation to the law, writes Astrid Krag (S).

Wednesday will Valgnævnet – a new independent body with supreme court justice Jens Peter Christensen in the lead – take a position on the Tight Course’ collection of vælgererklæringer must be put on pause.

Subsequent to Valgnævnet take a position on whether the batch is completely must be excluded from collect vælgererklæringer.