It is not the case that ‘for many the anal penetrationer’ increases the risk of physical injury as a stoma.

It is claimed the Social and the interior, Astrid Krag (S) otherwise in an opinion piece in the Berlingske tidende, 5. november.

But this is not the case, beats DR faktatjekprogram Detector fixed. Here have you asked stomiforeningen, whether there is evidence that patients have had the stoma because of the anal sex, which the association categorically rejects.

the Social – and the home secretary’s op-ed comes in the wake of the debate on prostitution in Denmark. The government has chosen to close a committee set up by the previous government, to examine the prostitutes terms.

to mark the occasion, thundered During the socialordfører, Camilla Fabricius, in a debate in the DR programme Deadline against sex work.

– I know of several, as, for example, has been the stoma of so many penetreringer, she said in the program.

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The opinion now fall more researchers, as the Detector has spoken with, in the chest. Among other things, Jeanett Bjønnes, ph.d. in anthropology and associate professor at the University of Aarhus.

– I have not seen any scientific evidence to support the allegations in the prostitutionsforskningen. And I also do not think that it exists, she says.

Also gadejuristen ‘Estella’, which will not reveal his name, shaking his head over the interconnection between anal sex and ostomy.

– I thought it was something from the Rokokoposten (satiremedie, ed.). I have never heard of. In my 20 years among sex workers and sexarbejder, I have never heard of it, she says.

Camilla Fabricius has subsequently directed its opinion in the Deadline. Here reads it, that she through his work with prostitution has heard such stories.