From Erik Nielsen’s cool car-luxury looks odd.

so says Nielsen’s generals and the responsible minister on the municipal area, the interior minister, Astrid Krag (S).

the Extra Leaf has, in the light of criticism from several kommunalordførere of Nielsen’s apparent circumvention of the tjenestebilsreglerne asked for an interview with the economy and the minister of the interior.

Astrid Krag call matter ‘strange’. Photo: Jens Dresling

And here emphasises Astrid Krag, to the tough rules on tjenestebilsområdet must be respected in all the country’s municipalities:

– Quite basic, we have some rules about f.ex. borgmestres use of official cars. And the rules must of course be respected, says Astrid Krag to Ekstra Bladet.

See the mayor’s 850 metres drive from the town Hall here. Photo/editing: Linda Johansen, Signe Skov

the Danish policy – 18. dec. 2019 – at. 16:38 Rødovre-director of doubt: Czech Mercedes-mayor

the Danish policy – 18. dec. 2019 – at. 12:03 the Mercedes-mayor explains: Campers waited

the Municipality’s interpretation is that he is not running between råduset and home, but between the town hall and a municipal nursing home. What is your comment to it?

– the Case looks, as it is made in your newspaper, immediately strange. And to see whether the rules are complied with, then it must in each case be assessed whether a car will apply as tjenstebil. And I know that Ankestyrelsen on the basis of Extra the Magazine’s history is to consider, whether they go into the case.

What does it mean?

– The first instance, and they look at whether the rules are complied with. Therefore, I can not go more into the specific case in order not to be disqualified. But I will stress that regelerne must be kept, and now, I only know the case from your coverage. It seems strange, but now there is a concrete assessment.

– Why do you think it looks strange?

I can’t comment in detail when Ankestyrelsen on the basis of your articles look at whether they are going into the matter, says Astrid Krag.

See the Extra Magazine in the confrontation with the mayor here. Video: Anthony Unger. Editing: Mikkel Cramon

file 1 of 3 the Mayor on the short walk from home to his Mercedes. Here he has just left his villa and goes over the quiet residential street to the parking lot. Photo: Anthon Unger 2 of 3 There is a path straight to the p-square. Photo: Anthon Unger 3 of 3 Erik Nielsen puts her things in the backseat before departure. Photo: Anthon Unger

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