One case of sexual misconduct is always one case too much.

But when it is said, you see the extent of sexual violations, thankfully, not so bad out in the Danish army, as many had feared.

Such is the overall message of the minister of defence Trine Team (S), after that her ministry has asked barely 14,000 employees and conscripts, whether they have experienced abusive behaviour.

– I had feared that the numbers in general would look worse, the minister says.

Approximately one out of 30 employees in the Defense and defense – 401 of 11.854 employees – the equivalent in the new study, they experience a kønskrænkende tone or culture of their workplace.

In the same study corresponds to 1.5 percent, within the past year have been the victim of unwanted sexual attention in the context of their work.

Trine Team stresses that the numbers confirming her that the steps she has already taken to crack down on the violations in the Defense, is important.

When it is not so much the case, as she had feared, it is connected with a similar study from Norway, as Danish media have referred to.

This showed last year far greater problems in our neighbouring country’s military ranks, where more than 150 Norwegian soldiers and conscripts, among other things, said that they have been victims of rape or attempted rape.

– So I might have actually believed – in the light of the Norwegian study – that there would be even greater challenges, says Trine Team.

She believes, therefore, nor, to the level of the perceived violations of the Danish defense can be called “alarming”.

– I think that, if asked, in many other organizations, one would get a similar picture, she says.

the Chief of defence Bjørn Bisserup is also not scared of the numbers in the new study.

– the Survey in itself shows that our problem is not greater, I think, than the general community. But it shows in turn, that it does not is better.

– So there is still something we need to work on, he says.

Among the respondents in the three services, there is a slightly higher proportion in the Army who is experiencing a kønskrænkende culture.

But not this shaking forsvarschefen.

– Now I come, even from the Army, and the Army is wide-ranging and has a great many young people from different walks of life.

– So I had actually thought that they would poke more, he says.

In the Army has 4.5 percent answer that they are experiencing a kønskrænkende culture, while in both the Navy and the Air force is 3.1 percent.

the Worst look it in the study out of the defense college, where 9.5% are experiencing a kønskrænkende culture.

In total, 1907 conscripts and 11.854 employees the answer.

This corresponds to a response rate of over 60 employees and almost 80 for the conscripts.

Employees: about 3.4 percent (401 individuals).

Conscripts: 4.4% (84 persons).

Employees: 1.5 percent (173 people ).

Conscripts: 1.9 per cent (37 people)

Employees: 0.5 percent (57).

Conscripts: 1.8 percent (35).

Employees: to 0.05 percent (6).

Conscripts: 0.2 percent (4).

Employees: 0,02 percent (2).

Conscripts: 0.2 percent (4).

Among the individual agencies and the guard stand the department of defense Personalestyrelse out with the lowest percentage experiencing a kønskrænkende culture.

the Most – 9.5% – answered yes to experiencing a kønskrænkende culture at the defense college.

Army: 4.5 percent (143).

Navy: 3.1 per cent (39).

the Air force: 3.1 percent (53).

There is no previously made comparable studies among Defence officials and conscripts, which makes it possible to account for developments in responses.

Source: department of defense Personalestyrelse

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