Rødovres mayor, Erik Nielsen, is at the head of a poor municipality that cuts this year are only being prevented after the emergency aid of 20 million kroner from the state.

nevertheless, from the taxpayers acquired a luxury Mercedes, which he can jump into at any time of day. The keep namely the right to his private residence on a quiet residential street 850 metres from the town hall.

the Danish policy – 17. dec. 2019 – at. 16:00 Bykonge in the poor municipality revealed

The luxurious scheme, as he has scored after 25 years in the borgmesterstolen is against the ministry of interior’s rules because you are not allowed to drive to and from the job in tjenestebil, when there is no driver. And such a one Erik Nielsen does not.

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the Mayor takes like tjenestebilen to and from work, shows filming here. Photo/editing: Anthon Unger/Mikkel Cramon

Erik Nielsen was certainly not happy to see Their sent, en Ekstra Bladet on Tuesday morning would be interviewing the mayor about tjenestebilen – and his use of it.

He returned after a somewhat odd interview about on his heels and left the parking lot on foot and went back to his villa.

a Short time later, he ran yet in his Mercedes 350 GC 350 Hybrid for town hall.

After a crazy round about cykelstativet, he went to fit today’s dont. In the evening held the last council meeting before the christmas break.

You can see the whole scene in the video clip at the top of the article.

the Article continues below the video …

See the mayor’s 850 metres drive from the town Hall here. Photo/editing: Linda Johansen, Signe Skov

I have no car
below you can see a preview of the Ekstra meeting with Erik Nielsen on Tuesday morning shortly after o’clock eight.

– good morning, Jonas from the Extra Leaf.

– What do you want?

– I thought you took your car from home?

– In the find me on the street, says Erik Nielsen at the sight of the Extra Magazine’s camera and microphone

– It is the public street and road.

– Yes, but now I am asking you to let be,

– do you Have a comment?

– Now I’m asking you to leave. You will as well not be?

– I’d like to ask you. We stand on the public street and road.

– So, I turn my back to – and then I go. I know that good is good pay for you.

– But Erik, you were on the way down to your car, which keeps down there.

– I do not have any car. It is a repræsentationsbil.

– It is a tjenestebil.

– Now you know.

You live over there.

– I go to the press Council with it here. It I would say. It is not fair that I can’t get permission to go down and work. I must not assaulted.

– We are springing you are not.

– It does In da. I will be accosted by you. I ask you to let be for the fourth time.

– But, Erik, I ask you to answer a very common question.

– I understand well your question. I also understand your rhetoric in the Extra Leaf. It is not at all it. I’m just saying, I don’t want to speak with you. Why do you then continue?

– you Have been granted a derogation from the ministry of Interior to run your own tjenestebil?

– I do not have any private tjenestebil.

– It is when your tjenestebil that stops right down there.

– No, it is not. Why do you persist with it?

– It’s since been adopted on the byrådsmødet that it is a tjenestebil to the mayor, as In the lease.

– Which can be used by the mayor, yes.

– Has the other key?

– Yes, it is there.

– Who is it, who is also running in it?

It comes as not you by. I ask you to leave.

– No, I’d like to ask you here on the public street and road. But if you do not want to speak with us, so you should just let be.

– Yes, I say to you again, why do you persist so?

I ask you because you stand in front of me. And I think it seems as if you want to talk – even if you are annoyed at me.

– the Chef’s eight in the morning. And you question me, even though I ask you to leave. Why do you continue then?

– I just stand with the microphone. You are a free man. But Erik, I just can’t understand …

from Here, leaving the mayor’s – still talking – interview. He says something like he hopes that the Extra Leaf will bring the interview in its full long. And that Extra Magazine to keep up with to make satire.

the Extra Leaf has subsequently requested the municipality to reply to a number of questions to tjenestebilen. But the answer is at the time of writing not received by the editorial office.