mclaren’s chefaerodynamiker Guillaume Cattelani has left the team and be put in the context of a switch to Haas, writes

the Italian has been at the british team since 2014.

When the Formula 1 contracts, by default, contains suspensions of at least six months before technical personnel are allowed to switch to a competitor, he keeps until on holiday.

According to the story going on there, however, negotiations to solve him from the contract previously, so Cattelani already in the beginning of 2020 can join a new job at either the Haas or the team’s Italian partner Dallara.

Cattelani worked for Dallara, which among other things produces Haas-the team’s chassis, from 2004 to 2006.

Ben Agathangelou (t.h.) since Haas team’s start has been the chief aerodynamiker. Photo: Jan Sommer

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All of the aerodynamics on the Haas car, the team develops itself; until now, under the leadership of Ben Agathangelou.

If the shift becomes a reality will Cattelani only really be able to put his mark on 2021-the car. Next season’s VF20’has been under development since the summer.

Neither McLaren or Haas wanted to comment on the story.

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