Brøndby-owner Jan Bech Andersen is known for, that he is ready to discuss with the club’s many fans.

But on Saturday met the president not up to a fanmøde, which he otherwise had thanks to to to to to participate in.

It was the executive board in Brøndby, who was behind the invitation. Jan Bech Andersen had originally said yes to participate in the fanmødet, but chose Friday to cancel.

Mcdonalds fanfolket therefore had to settle for vice-president Jesper Møller, director Ole Palmå and fodbolddirektør Carsten V. Jensen.

– Jan Bech Andersen had acknowledged in the open letter from us with an invitation to the meeting and so attended he did not. We are very disappointed, just as the meeting was intended to create a dialogue, which we believe is very important.

– We will continue to seek dialogue between us and the club’s majority shareholder, says it on the Brøndbyernes IF Fanafdelings website.

Fanafdelingen, there is an official subsection of the moderklubben, was represented by the board of directors, while there were also representatives of Alapha, Brøndby Support and the Turn with at the meeting.

the Club and the fans are in close dialogue in the Area, and Saturday’s meeting took place against the background of an open letter by a number of concerned about the Brøndby-fans (Fanafdelingen, Brøndby Support, the Alpha and the Bend) released 6. January.

Since then came the history that the Red Bull would show interest in buying in Brøndby, denmark, which is certainly not fall in good soil in fanmiljøet.

Brøndby-supporters don’t want that Red Bull becomes part of their club. Photo: Jens Dresling
Already on Tuesday, when the medium InsideBusiness brought the story, responded Fanafdelingen, Brøndby Support, the Alpha and the representatives of the Turn with a clear statement.

they took The distance from the Red Bull-tank and foreign investors, ‘that will not strengthen the community, but on the other hand only want to destroy it’.

At Saturday’s meeting gave parts of the fanrepræsentation a clear call to the club to stop any and all discussions with Red Bull.

However, the club is in this context, Jan Bech Andersen, as he sits at the power. He was, as I said, is not present – and as it is found on the Brøndbyernes IF Fanafdelings website:

‘The attendees part of the management team had no mandate for this, let alone to deepen or further disprove whether there has been dialogue with the Red Bull’.

To write, however, that, in the light of the meeting would like to express confidence in the company’s management board, which consists of the director Ole Palmå and fodbolddirektør Carsten V. Jensen.

Saturday evening brought Brøndby-medium a story, where Jan Bech Andersen categorically denied that he had been in contact with Red Bull.

Mcdonalds owner beat also, that he never comes to engaging in dialogue with strategic investors, unless they buy into the club’s values, and what Bolton and the club’s fans stand for.

The message repeats he Sunday to Ekstra Bladet in an email.

– I’m really annoyed with the noise, there has been this week – especially because it is on a basis that is not relevant. I have already said earlier in the week that I categorically reject that I have had contact with Red Bull.

– If strategic investors are turning, then we take it from there, but it is important to say that regardless of who and how people should respect the club’s values.

– There are many opinions and attitudes – how is it when you are a part of the most exposed football club. But the management, the board of directors and my primary role is to keep focus, otherwise, when we do not the goals we have set for ourselves, writes Jan Bech Andersen. Photo: Lars Poulsen
In connection with the launch of the prospectus prior to the upcoming emission upwards Brøndby objective from the current season and the season 2023/24. The objective is to be in the top-3.

But respect to the credibility and announcements with regards to ranking in the top-3: When our budget is in the top 3/4, it will to the best of our belief be lacking in ambition to come out, that we should be no. 5-6.

– It is flush, nor, moreover, with the history and the rankings, which de facto is achieved. I’m sure that the FCK and FCM with the highest budgets also do not go into a season with the goal of becoming no. 3 or 4, writing Jan Bech Andersen.

Brøndby wintering in fourth place – four points behind AGF.

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