President Emmanuel Macron had on Friday night to run away from the theatre Bouffes du Nord in Paris, after demonstrators tried to enter the theater.

It writes multiple media, among others, Sky News and Le Monde.

A video shot outside the theater shows that it is at a point in time succeed more protesters to come into the theater during the commotion with the police, but they managed, according to the Paris police not to come in for the president in the chamber.

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Of the video it appears that the protesters a short time after being thrown out of the police.

the Article continues below the video …

The angry demonstrators attempt to penetrate in the theatre was, according to the media the president’s security personnel to rush the president away from the theatre.

the Video below recorded by a freelance journalist allegedly shows the president being driven away.

the Article continues under the video.

Tonight’s demonstration is just one in a long, long row around in France, which has been going on since the beginning of december.

It is Emmanuel Macrons response to a thorough housecleaning of the French pension system for public employees, who have made the French furious, says Jørn Boisen, associate professor at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance University, researcher in the French society.

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The old pension system is complicated, unfair, and runs not economically viable now. But in five years it will provide up to 20 billion euros deficit of the state budget for the year. So, on the way, it was a base task.

– Macron has therefore wanted to replace the current 42 different pension schemes for public employees with a system based on points. When you are in work, earn you points, and when you have enough points, you can go on the pension, he says.

With the scoring system has Macron at the same time, proposed that the retirement age were raised from 62 to 64 years.

The public pensions in France are most often constructed in such a way that one gets 75 percent of his final salary in pension. It has the retired the right to the rest of my life and it is well to notice, without the employees contributing to the pension when they are on the labour market, like they do in Denmark, says Jørn Boisen.

Why many French people so not willing to change, they are incredibly lucrative schemes to something more up-to-date, considers Jørn Boisen because public employees generally has poor conditions.

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– More jobs in public is quite unpleasant, has bad hours and is poorly paid. In turn, has had a good pension, but if you remove it, so you’ll just have a job that is unpleasant and poorly paid, says Jørn Boisen.

Despite the many strikes and demonstrations, are lektoren convinced that Macron have succeeded with his proposed scoring system. But he has been forced to make concessions, and the retirement age will not rise in the first place.