Back in 2017, told a proud Wafande, that he and her boyfriend, Nafi Lisa Gravesen, had become parents for the first time, when they had welcomed their little girl welcome to the world.

But now is the love broken between the well-known musician and her boyfriend.

It told Wafande to Ekstra Bladet, when we met him on the red carpet for the TV Price to 2020 in the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center.

– unfortunately, We are not together anymore and we are no longer lovers. Is how it is. It works, and we’re really good friends, he said, and continued:

– We have a good system and fits well on our child. It is great that we can find out together, he said further.

Danish well-known – 26. nov. 2019 – at. 09:38, on his life’s journey: Looking forward to get away from everything

In august last year told Wafande – to many people’s great surprise – that he would set his career in 2020, and it keeps he settled in, he stated on the red carpet.

– I have set the career, yes. I have toured for ten years with no breaks at all. I have run christmas, club, festival and much more, and so I became a dad in 2017. I appreciate the time with my daughter, really much now, he said, and continued:

I needed to pull the plug and find out what I want in my life, and I have therefore made it. It is a really good decision, he said further.

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