– I have it really good. I’ve just been in the bath, but I’m dry now, so we can talk.

Klaus Paghs voice is cheerful in contrast to last year, where he told Ekstra Bladet that he had planned his own funeral.

2018 had been exceptionally harsh in the today 84-year-old theater – and the man about town:

First it was the gallbladder removed, so he got inflammation of the pancreas, and then came a blood clot in the heart, two times pneumonia and an operation for cancer of the colon.

But in the years he has been spared from further disease.

And although he is still struggling with the aftermath, he keeps your spirits high.

– I am still quite bad and relies on a walker, but I continue to hope that I get to go better. I need to go to any rehabilitation at Tranehaven in Hellerup. Until then so the bikes I am a little on the terrace – when I bother.

– the Sight is not so good. I have spent a fortune on glasses that don’t help. But when I look through a pair of binoculars, so I see the good. So the I use when I watch tv, says Klaus Pagh, who is just now welcomes very much to the night before christmas eve.
the night before christmas eve, Klaus Pagh and Nancy been married for 12 and a half years, so the day is more important than christmas eve for the pair. Photo: Jonas Olufson
It is the day where he can celebrate copper wedding with his beloved Nancy, or Nan, as he calls her.

And for him it is a somewhat bigger event than christmas eve.

– I don’t really with christmas. So far I have already experienced 83 juleaftener … I think christmas is a strange thing. But kobberbrylluppet I’m looking forward to.

How should it be celebrated?

– I don’t know really so much about, but there comes some good friends.

The new year dare he not foretell.

– I have it strangely with the future. I have probably a maximum of three-four years back. But I am looking forward to the spring, where I can sit in the sun on the terrace. To be able to travel to a warm place and sit in the sun with a cold beer would be lovely, but it is not possible right now, he says.