the 58-year-old Kevin Donnellon from the british town of Crosby lashing out at the system after he for the fourth time, they have been asked to complete a 24-page questionnaire about its arbejdsduelighed.

It writes the Liverpool Echo and the Mirror.

Kevin Donnellon is one of the many children whose mothers in the late 50’s got printed soothing and kvalmestillende drugs that contained thalidomide. The drug turned out to cause serious birth defects, and thalidomidskandalen led to dødsfødsler and thousands of malformed children, often in the form of short, luffelignende arms and legs.

Here is Kevin Donnellon (third from the left on the stolerækken) photographed with other thalidomide children, which went on Dovecut Primary School in Liverpool. Photo: Liverpool Echo

The 58-year-old thalidomide-survive got recently once again in order to fill out the long questionnaire in order to prove that he still cannot work and thus may receive social security benefits.

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– It is not because my arms and legs have grown, says Kevin Donnellon to the Liverpool Echo.

Kevin Donnellon, who is a father of two, has been on the labour market until 15 years ago, where he got problems with his back of go with the benproteser.

he Also has type 2 diabetes, which gave him various health problems. He has a degree in social sciences, and has in his professional life worked with adults with learning disabilities.

Kevin Donnellon presents a picture of his now deceased teacher Pauline Skelly, who was Liverpool’s first female teacher. Photo: Liverpool Echo

– My last salaried job I had 15 years ago. Now I’m not quite so brisk. I have severe back pain because of the leg, I went with before in the past, it was not as amazing dentures, one can get now-a-days, says Kevin Donnellon.

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the Questionnaire on his arbejdsduelighed has now scored the cup to flow over the 58-year-old thalidomide-survive, who believe that the british government target disabled people.

– I have lots of disabled friends who are afraid that they get stripped of their benefits each time they get the kinds of letters, says Kevin Donnellon, and continues:

– Two times in the last year I have been asked to fill out questionnaires. Now I have the deadline on a third 25. december Merry christmas.

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Kevin Donnellon believe that it works hævngerrigt from the authorities, and also think that the questions are very personal and intrusive.

– I was born like this – you would think that my details were in the system, he says.

A spokesperson for the uk government’s department for work and pension, in connection with the history of Kevin Donnellon told the Liverpool Echo:

– Mr Donnellon has been awarded ESA (Employment and Support Allowance, ed.) for life after the most recent reassessment and the highest rate of PIP (personal injury protection, ed.), there must be reassessed in 10 years.