Kevin Magnussen is the best racer in the moment. But the thrill of driving in fast cars can’t seem to give adrenaline enough for the 27-year-old dane.

In any case, he goes and dreaming about getting a license to manage even larger vessels. It and other agonizing things as its relationship to licorice disclose he Haas’ followers during an interview sequence, where fans have been able to ask him just what they wanted.

– I would actually like to. I would love to be able to fly, he says when asked by a fan by the name of Katie.

My grandfather and grandmother were hobbypiloter, and there are actually a few in my family that has had a pilot’s license. So I’ve always flown a lot in small planes. I think it is really fun to fly, and I will definitely try to get a even, when I’m done with my career, ” continues Magnussen.

Among the other things, the Danish Formula 1-runs is asked to take a position, his preferred choice of snacks at a gas station. Nearby for a motorist. Here promises Magnussen reveals his love for the Danish Superflyers-lakridsstænger.

– When I have had them to my teammates, they have broken themselves, because they hate them, said with a laugh from Magnussen, however, despite the negative opinions from his professional entourage would like to strike a patriotic blow for the Danish product.

Kevin Magnussen and Haas had a less successful season in the past year, where Romain Grosjean disappointed and ended up on a 18. space. Magnussen finished on a 16. space and drove according to Ekstra expert, Jason Watts, as well as he could under the circumstances.

this Year’s Formula 1 season takes place at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne 15. march. Danish fans will be hoping for a better location for Magnussen and Haas in the new decade.

Formula 1 – 17. dec. 2019 – at. 19:10 Honest Jason: Sorry, Kevin!

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