2. October 2019 got Culture – and Kirkeminster Joy Mogensen, a truly heartbreaking message. Her yet unborn daughter, Sarah, had died during a month before the baby is due.

Joy Mogensen is now slowly coming back on his ministerial work. The latest month’s time with a gentle start-up, where she has read up on what has happened at work, while she has been away, she looks forward to coming back.

she writes in a feature article in Kristeligt Dagblad, where she speaks out about the grief and love, that struck her, when she 5. October gave birth to her daughter and immediately knew that she loved her.

Since has Joy Mogensen struggled to find the right words, ‘for how I describe a meeting with the life, death, overwhelming love and horrifying sorrow, all in the highest potency at one and the same time?’ she writes in the featured article.

She was experiencing, that she is not the only one who has difficulty putting words on her loss. Phrases like ‘I’m sorry’, ‘I condolences’ and ‘I know not’ what to say’, she has already heard a countless number of times.

Joy Mogensen, to know that so many other people right now also struggling to find words for their grief. So she has written the featured article for the Danish people because she will do her that we are better able to talk about grief.

‘I said yes to try to give my contribution to, that we develop a common language around grief, and how we can help ourselves and each other back to life’, writes Joy Mogensen.

Culture – and license-acceptance have thought a lot about that she after the new year when she returns to her work, get to meet many people who do not know what to say to her.

And she knows it in fact, nor even, she writes.

But she has even experienced, that the good conversations she has had after the loss of her daughter – they did not go in stand – have been the ones where people have ‘dared to put a little physics on’.

‘Not too much, for I have, in fact, also a little difficult to accommodate, but the courage to look me in the eyes, put a hand on my arm, give a hug, if you know me (or just ask first)’ writes Joy Mogensen.

She describes that when the big bang made her restless, so she chose to go. Walking down to the fjord, or up to the grave, without goal or meaning. Out to collect chestnuts under a tree or stone from the beach.

‘Their weight in my pockets and work with to wash them and put them well to the right gave me nature’s power and juice in the hands, the nose and eye to be able to say goodbye and still feel the life in and around me’.

So, Joy mogensen’s advice to people over christmas encounter, where you do not know what you should say is that you just have to dare to be there.

‘As the queen called for in the previous years the new year: Remember the value of making something unhelpful, and my addition is ‘together’. Also when it is most black, so we can be each other’s light just by being there. With a hand on an arm or a to be followed with out in the world again’, writes Joy Mogensen.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment to the featured article from the Culture and church affairs Joy Mogensen. She has not yet returned on your query.