KUMAMOTO (Ekstra Bladet): the national Coach Klavs Bruun Jørgensen has called her in for a defender in the world, and he has compared her with the former French star Jackson Richardson.

True, it is, to Viborgspilleren Line Haugsted at this WORLD cup has been the central figure in the Danish midterforsvar.

most Recently against France, she played with a generals glance, and she had completely pulled the ornament of the French passing, technique.

It was instrumental in the Denmark went on to mellemrunden, while the French women must now play the indifferent President’s cup on the secondary placements at the finals.

It was hard to fall down after the match against France. There was so much adrenaline in the body, but it was really a relief to win the battle. The alternative had been hard.

– And now Norway and their dangerous kontraløb. How to relocate up for it?

– we do It to play clever attacking. We must not make mistakes, so they can run versus. We were good against France. And so must we stand strong in defense, for who knows that we have a strength, and to Sandra, the inside rear takes the rest.

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Haugsted and Sandra Toft has lifted the Danish defending. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix.

– Have You satisfied yourself with that now you are forsvarsgeneralen, but you do not do not play into the attack.

– Yes, I have. And I get crush of time, and it is a bold role, I have been given. I’m just glad to be able to contribute.

– it doesn’t matter who you stand next to it, or do you have a favorite constellation?

– Against France, I said at one point that I should have AM (Anne Mette Hansen, Ed.) over at fullback, because it worked well earlier in the fight. But otherwise we are good to be switched in and do the things we have agreed on.

– There are many who are in there, but I think they are all doing well. So I have no favorites.

– Now all the struggles of a small final, and we just know that we must win the next three in order to be able to reach a semi-final. Lose to Norway, so watching it hard out. But then there’s still the OLYMPICS-qualification to play for, and we will super like for the OLYMPICS, ” says Line Haugsted.

One of the explanations of the Danish success at the WORLD cup must be found in the good atmosphere in the squad, as soon as have been together for three weeks. It considers, in each case, the team’s playmaker Lotte Grigel.

– We have it really good together. We are a homogeneous group, as it is great to be a part of. People are positive. We have been completely out to fly emotionally. We have been completely down and we have been completely up in the tournament, but there is a good feeling between the girls.

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Lotte Grigel says that unity has helped to bring to Denmark ahead of the WORLD cup. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix.

– We take care of each other, and we are there for each other. It can also be noticed when we are together outside of the track. It means a lot, especially because we might even have almost ten days here. We need to keep the screw straight into the water and still take care of each other.

– There is no one who is sorry that they don’t play as much as others do?

– It is not at all an issue on our team. And big praise to Klavs (Bruun, Ed.) for the way he has kept the whole team in time by the here championship. He has been super aware of that, it hopefully will be a long championship. He has held many of the time, and there are many who have the game. People hills really each other up.

– Against France we could see that everyone was nervous, but we were nervous together. When we started the fight, it was just that now it’s now or never. And it is much easier, when you feel that we are in this together. It is a big cadeau to the girls, to the team and to the work we have put it last year, that we are now in mellemrunden, says Lotte Grigel.

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