When sex is such a really well, you know, when it feels as if you are In phase as in a dance, where In instinctively follow each other and synchronize the breath, heart rate and the hearts, it is not only something you tell yourself, and not just something that happens in bed.

New research indicates that few, which synchronizes on a purely physiological level, also has a greater emotional intimacy and a better sex life.

56 women and men in relationships took part in a series of laboratory experiments, where they first completed a series of questionnaires about sexual functions and satisfaction with sex and cohabitation.

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In the actual experiment sat the pair facing each other with one meter distance. Both were connected to an EEG measuring device, which records the heart rhythm.

Then did the pair saw some exercises that are designed to boost different emotions.

the First five minutes with the eyes closed to fall completely to the ro. So five minutes of unbroken eye contact, which must raise the stress levels a little. For the last five minutes with spejløvelser, where the couple silent should mirror each other’s movements.

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the Researchers ‘ analyses showed then, that some couples synchronize their heart rate during especially spejløvelserne, and the few are also the most satisfied with their sex lives.

It also appears that the woman in the slightly higher followed or reflected the man’s physiological reactions.

On a good sex life leads to synchronize the outside of the bed also, or on the physiological synchronization provides a good sex life, is unclear, but I wonder if it is a process, where things affect one another?

at the same time, it can also be the case that the few that syncs, are more empathetic and/or able to read each other signals. Which is also a marker of a good sex life.

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