Håndboldkvindernes the WORLD cup was a disappointment, and it is a disaster that the team failed to secure a ticket for the OLYMPICS qualification.

The writing team he will play in the Danish Handball Federation (DHF), Morten Henriksen in a column on the association website.

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the Seat is hot during Klavs Bruun Jørgensen. Photo: Lars Poulsen
Here makes sportschefen it is clear that the coming time is to be used on a thorough evaluation.

– I do not pretend that the Danish national ranking as the number nine at this year’s WORLD cup is a big disappointment, which requires a huge search.

– For trænerteamet, mit and the Danish Handball Federation is concerned, christmas is also the time to make some serious decisions about what to do with the Danish western christianity and most in 2020, he writes.

Among other things, management will look at the whole setup around the women’s team, where Klavs Bruun Jørgensen is the head coach.

– Some of it, we also must ask ourselves, before we make a decision on greece, and trænerteamets future, is, on the level at all is to aim for the top spot for the european championship on home soil in december.

the Tears were freely running from the Danish players. Photo: Bo Amstrup/Ritzau Scanpix
– We also need to ask ourselves how we can best build on the good processes that are set into motion and slowly starts to make a profit.

– All this and more must be taken into the equation when we after christmas puts us down and tries to find the right answer to the question: How do we get the Danish western christianity and most with in the finest verdenstop again, he writes.

Morten Henriksen considers, however, that women’s team in the media have been a little too harsh words on the way after the WORLD cup, where the team only lost two matches on the road against ninth place.

He mentions, among other things, that Denmark managed to beat the OLYMPICS, european championship and WORLD cup winners from France and the Netherlands, who later won the finals in Japan.

– Yes, it is a disaster, that we do not, as a minimum, got the ticket for the OLYMPICS qualification.

– But the image of the stakes in december is more nuanced than that. And it is on this basis, we need to make decisions about the Danish kvindehåndbolds future in a landsholdsperspektiv, he writes.

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