Friday afternoon was Henriette Zobel buried from the Christian Church in Copenhagen, where hundreds of members of the family as well as friends and acquaintances had turned up to take leave of the designer and former model, who died at the age of 57 years.

Zobels two sons, Alexander, 25, and Nicholas, 27, were both clearly in mourning, as they arrived to the Christian Church ten minutes before the bisættelsen. Here they went purposefully into the church with his eyes rigidly fixed towards the entrance and the grief clearly painted in their ansiger.

It was evident that the two sons were heartbroken over the loss of their mother. Photo: Anthon Unger

Under the bisættelsen, where the family’s priest, Unsourced Statements, gave a speech, were the two sons of great love for their mother highlighted several times.

– the Boys express that they have learned love to know through their mother. Our thoughts go out to you both today. You have lost both your parents in the course of a few years. I sense that you know, your mother is in a good place now. Together with your father who she loved since they met when she was 17 years old, said the Statements in the speech and continued:

But above all this loved she you with a love that was both completely normal, as from a mother to her children, but also with the shining character, which your mother had learned through Gurumayi’.

Danish celebrity – 13. dec. 2019 – at. 14:39 – They are deeply unhappy

After the speech was Henriette Zobels coffin borne out by, among others, the two sons, was burdened with the grief – especially the eldest son, Nicolai, had a hard time keeping back the tears.

The two put put roses on their mother’s chest and hugged each other in a big hug before the hearse was driven away.

– the Boys are in deep grief and are not able to talk right now. In particular, Nicolai is quite beside herself, said the Unsourced Statements in the aftermath of the bisættelsen for Extra Magazine, and stressed that the two sons were too bored to put words to their grief to the press in connection with the bisættelsen.

the Sons say a last goodbye. Photo: Anthon Unger

Alexandra was also present at the bisættelsen. How she recalls Henriette Zobel. Video: Tariq Mikkel Khan

But in salmehæftet, which was shared out to guests, who participated in the bisættelsen, there was a picture of the young Sable with his boys when they were small, a last touching greetings from the sons.

‘We love and miss you’.

Danish well-known – 12. dec. 2019 – at. 16:15 the First words from his sons after the Zobels death

‘We appreciate everything you have taught us, and we should probably clear us from here.’

‘Now I (Henriette and Peter Zobel, eds.) take good care of each other’, standing in a greeting from the two sons who are now orphans.

The two lost their father, Peter Zobel, in 2017.

Charlotte billy crystal as michael ” remembers his good friend through many years Henriette Zobel. Video: Tariq Mikkel Khan

Here is the front of the salmehæftet. Photo: Henning Hjorth

the Sons touching greeting. Photo: Henning Hjorth