at all times I remember my mother and my grandmother.

what were they doing

Arms raised above their heads, they muttered litanies.


They entrusted themselves to something. Not everything has a rational explanation.

And do you have to sing?

I started one day, at the age of six, and said to myself: “I want to sing”. It was written!

Ara sings The windows of my soul.

Twelve songs: I sing my frailties.

And how did it turn out?

Very satisfied My best album.

I and van…

Seventeen since I started in 1982.

“Hola, qué tal”, he sings in a song.

This is how I greeted almost three thousand people, one by one, during home confinement in the pandemic.

Really? which people

I had to confine myself to an apartment in Málaga, with two clothes and a telephone. I offered to call whoever I wanted.

So, without further ado?

Without selling anything, nothing more: just to talk. Here my rare voice helped me.

His peculiar voice.

My tone of voice, so recognizable, excited my interlocutor, so that was helpful. I did it for sixty days, every afternoon.

What did you learn from it?

What did I not learn from it! Women, men, young, old, so many stories… The widow, the loner…

Are you lonely?

There are those who need Sarau nearby so as not to despair. Not me, I work in solitude: I analyze myself, I discover myself…

But we always need the other.

I come from a small family and friendship is very important to me: I quickly recognize a friend. And I pour myself into it.

Short family?

I’m an only child. I grew up lonely.

“The streets in which I grew up”, sings…

Cobbled streets with rain glitter, and a children’s kite, and wine…


A child in Asturias was never spared a little cider or wine.

“My skin is a map,” she sings.

I have this scar, this scar, this scar…

The left breast has been pointed out.

They removed a piece of my breast, because of a tumor.

What would you say to a female reader about this?

Get a mammogram every year, whatever your age. And if you need treatment, go ahead! All without overwhelming you.

It can be cured, happily.

Today it does, thanks to medical advances, which are wonderful.

“How many more tests do I have to pass?” she sings.

Because we are constantly scrutinized: we are especially those who expose ourselves to a wide audience.

I should have learned by now that you can’t please everyone…

I know that and I’m glad I don’t like those who don’t like me at all either.

What flattery has reached his soul?

“You sing with your pussy!”, they told me.

Why does he like it?

Because I feel it’s true. I sing from the inside, from the entrails, the viscera.

What if it was a man?

A male simile would not serve as a flattery because the penis and testicles are not inside, they are outside.

He has been singing for 41 years…

And now I’m having more fun than ever.


I am more aware of all the details, I savor more, I like to live everything, all the experiences of going on tour…

This album includes a pink vinyl.

It represents the innocence that I don’t want to lose, the little girl that I carry inside and want to get back, that is still here.

what is that girl like

confident And he doesn’t want to stop being, no matter what.

What more do you want?

Maintain enthusiasm for life, take advantage of every moment without the anxiety of being here wanting to be somewhere else.

which place

I don’t complain about the heat if it’s summer; I don’t complain about the cold if it’s winter. In summer I don’t want winter and in winter I don’t want summer.

It’s clear!

I’m not complaining, come on.

“I know of a perfect place,” he sings. Who?

The terrace of that apartment facing the blue sea of ​​Málaga.

What is happiness, Luz?

Happiness is giving something that reaches another, something like a song.