On the twenty days beginning on the democratic struggle to be Donald Trumps opponent in the u.s. presidential election in november.

the First primaries take place in Iowa, where voters by the so-called caucuses pointing to the state’s bid for a Trump-challenge.

Therefore, met the democratic six top candidates debate on CNN in the night Danish time.

And here they were of course asked how they will beat The Donald. Here are their answers:

– I have accepted all the blows he can deliver. I stand better in the opinion polls. I’m on the way up. And then I have overwhelming support in the black population. Better than any other in this election.

– We are going to attack the greed and corruption of the pharmaceutical industry and insurance. What trades democratic socialism about. And it will win this election.

– We have built a system that works fine for the large corporations and the lobbyists. But it does not work for all of us.

– I have built a grassroots organization that is leading the fight for an America that works for all of us. That is how we will beat the Donald Trump.

– I can stand before him on the debatscene and say to my friends in Iowa: the Midwest is not a place you just fly over to me. I live here. I can look at him and say, you have dealt with these peasants and workers as poker chips.

– I’m ready to beat Doanld Trump. because when he comes by his harsh talk and forward chest, so he must stand against an american war veteran and explain why he claimed to suffer from a disease of the bone in order to get rid of millitærtjeneste.

– The beat Doanld Trump, you must beat him on the economy. I have the experience and the skill to show that he is false in this area. And a scammer.

The big topic of conversation among the american commentators are here for the debate, first and foremost, sværdslaget between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The latter claim that Bernie Sanders in 2018 has said that a woman can’t be president of the UNITED states.

The claim, dismissed Bernie Sanders, however, the focus in the debate.

Elizabeth Warren threw even extra benxin on the fire, when she after the debate did not want to give Bernie Sanders the hand.

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Policy – 15. jan. 2020 – pm. 07:45 Dødskys: Trump takes Sanders’ side in kønsstrid

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren argue about his comment about a woman’s stand. Photo: Shannon Stapleton/Ritzau Scanpix

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