‘Watchmen’ canlı casino siteleri quickly gained a solid følgerskare in the course of last year, when the superhero series to hit the streaming service HBO.

It will not, however, more just tentative, for the show’s creator and writer, Damon Lindelöf, do not feel to make a follow-up season, he says to USA Today.

the Head of HBO’s Casey Bloys, tells the same media, that the choice is Lindelöfs.

– It is really up to Damon, what he wants. If he gets a bright idea about a second season, which stems, as we saw with ‘Fargo’ or ‘True Detective’, or something completely different, says Bloys.

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most of the cast from the series with, among others, Regina King and Don Johnson Photo: Monica Almeida/Ritzau Scanpix

Immediately, however, it could well indicate that it remains at the one season.

Lindelöf has supposedly told the story he wanted to tell with the series and have no interest in low season number two.

On HBO, find themselves to make a new season with another author, must be up to them, saith the Lindelöf to the american media.

A scenario, Casey Bloys not very much believe in:

– It is hard to imagine without Damon is involved in one way or another, he says.

Series creator Damian Lindelöf do not have intentions to make more seasons. Photo: Monica Almeida/Ritzau Scanpix