A touching video of a four months-old girl’s reaction when her hearing aid is turned on, go right now around the world.

the Video shows the small Georgia staring into the camera, and her mother’s voice can be heard say ‘OK, so we’ve just turned on your hearing aid. You can say hello to everyone?’

the Video has the girl’s father, Paul Addison, shared on his Twitter profile with the text ‘When our daughter’s new hearing aid is turned on in the morning.’

Small Georgia reaction, you can see in the video at the top of the article, speaks for itself, and it is also in a few days has gone viral on social media. Over 750,000 have seen the video since it was put up on Thursday, and in the comments write more, that they have had similar, equally touching experiences with their deaf children.

CNN says Paul Addison, that he and his wife discovered that her daughter had a hearing impairment since she was ‘dumped’ his first hearing test in Harrogate in England. Therefore, she was referred to an audiologist, where she was diagnosed with ‘severe deafness’.

They were recommended to get hearing aids for little Georgia, and about five weeks ago she had her new device on for the very first time. He describes the first time, Georgia heard his parents ‘ voice, as ‘absolutely wonderful’.

It was a relief, and we saw pretty quickly that they worked well. A real feeling that things could be better, says Paul Addison.

He would advise other parents in similar circumstances to talk with others about it. For him, it has been a touching experience to see the many reactions to the video on Twitter. Here are several other families reported about their similar experiences at different stages in their children’s lives, and it is, he says, has created a new hope for his family.